Should I Bring a Thick Coat When Visiting Brisbane In June

By S From Singapore

I will be in Brisbane in late June.

I am from Singapore. Do I bring a thick coat with me?

Thank you.

Annie Answers

This is quite a commen question for our winter months. I have no idea what the weather will be like at that particular time, though you can check on the current and forecast weather closer to the time to see what sorts of temperatures we have been having.

A big consideration for you in coming from Singapore is that in June our humidity is probably a lot lower than you will be coming from in Singapore and our temperatures will be lower. You may feel the cooler temperatures more than we would.

During the days, especially when it is sunny, you are not likely to need a coat unless you go out on the water (for example whale watching) or if you go up into the hills which may be cooler again.

In general it can be quite cold in the evenings, and early mornings or if it is windy. Our average lowest tempereratures are around 12°C although it can get as low as 5°C.

At this time of the year, during the day if it is cooler, I tend to wear fleecy jumpers (as they are lightweight and easily packed away). When the sun is shining though, you will be scrambling to take it off as it can get quite warm in the sun (24°C or more).

Then I just put on an extra layer of a jacket in the evening if I need it. If I was going on a tour or on a cruise, I would take the jacket or coat (I don\’t mention coats as I don\’t really own one having lived in Australia for more than 20 years!).

If you feel the cold, then I would bring a thick winter coat or jacket, you may needed it or you may not – that is up to mother nature! If you have something that will keep you warm but is easy to carry, pack or take on and off, that might be a better option as you will find that is the most likely thing you will be doing!

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Annie from Brisbane Australia Travel Tips

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