Marine Stingers In May

by Brad
(Busselton, WA)

Marine Stingers in May in BrisbaneWhat are the swimming conditions like in May?Are the stingers still out this time of the year and is it ok for water activities on ocean?

Annie Answers

Thanks for the question, it is one that get asked alot! Brisbane is actually very fortunate, in that it is usually not affected very often at all by Marine Stingers. If we do get marine stingers it would normally be during the months December, January and February when the predominant winds are north-easterly. I think they get blown down the coast from further north and into shore by these winds.The Sunshine Coast (about an hours drive further north of Brisbane) and the Gold Coast (about an hour south of Brisbane) do not get affected by marine stingers or blue bottles very often either.Most people assume all of Queensland is affected by these nasties, but it is mostly the far north of Queensland down as far as Gladstone (including Port Douglas, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Gladstone. The larger and more popular beaches in many of these areas have stinger nets.However, you mention water sports and activities, obviously you would have to be more careful with these in the more tropical parts of Queensland.In south east Queensland (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast) you are not likely to have a problem with marine stingers during May and so you can enjoy your water sports or activities. If you are doing water activities (scuba, snorkelling, windsurfing etc) with reputable operators who are familiar with the area, they would take precautions and would certainly warn you of any potential hazards in the water. For many of these activities you might wear wet suit to protect you. You should certainly look to do any water activities with a reputable operator who is familiar with the local conditions and who give clear instructions on local conditions.Hope that was helpful, please leave any further questions or comments below. If you found this helpful, you can Like it, Tweet it and share on Facebook 😉 Thanks for spreading the word…Cheers

Annie from Brisbane Australia Travel Tips

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