Cycle from Cairns to Brisbane in January - is it possible?

by Margherita C From Sydney, NSW

Hi all!

So, as the question box suggestions, my friend and I are planning on doing a cycling road trip from Cairns to Brisbane in January. We are both Exchange students (I'm Canadian and she is Italian) at the University of Sydney. We started in July and are in Australia until the end of June (leaving to go back home right after). We have Jan and Feb off so we really wanted to do it then.

Our (rough) plan is to go to the Great Barrier Reef from Jan 8th-Jan 13th and then take the next 3 weeks (or so) to make our way down to Brisbane on our bikes (and then fly from Brisbane to Sydney).

We know that the weather that time of year is supposed to be the hottest so we are wondering if our plans and goals are realistic. Obviously there will need to be a lot of planning involved.

Any advice would help!



BATT Replies
Margherita, anything is possible! First reaction is... do you realise how far that is? It is a VERY long way! There's a sign on the M1 heading north by Brisbane Airport that says Cairns 1956kms or something like that... So we are talking about 2000kms or about 1200 miles.

Whilst it is the hottest part of the year, it is also the wettest too, so you may find you will have to battle with alot of rain. It is raining season in Far North Queensland. Having said that, it is still beautiful!

The other thing to really research is distances between stops... There will be places where there are large stretches of not very many things to see and large distances between towns etc, so you really need to be confident in your ability to get to where you need to get to, when you need to get to it.

Perhaps you could check out some of the 4WD websites (they probably have more useful information) and also anything about women travelling by themselves etc as you want always to be careful. Maybe there is a touring bicycle resources that could help you too. Just trying to think of things you can seek out to help in your planning.

Hope that was helpful,


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