Brisbane In December Travel Guide

Brisbane in December means summer has arrived. Expect hot, humid weather with chance of summer storms at times, especially in late afternoon. Christmas, New Year celebrations and summer breaks are what we are all thinking of this month in Brisbane....

December must be a funny month to land in Brisbane, because locals seem just a bit pre-occupied.

There are end of year break up parties, office Christmas parties, school concerts and christmas shopping. Not to mention preparations for Christmas holidays, New Year's Eve celebrations and the long school summer holidays.

Early in the month, especially, It can be a good time to visit some of the spots that will be very busy when the school summer break really gets under way. You have until just before Christmas to make the most of this.

Although there are often extended shopping hours at this time of the year, shops will be crazy busy!

Questions About Visiting Brisbane (or Australia) in December?

Many common questions are answered on this page or in our reader submitted Q&A.

Instead enjoy a getaway to Tangalooma or North Stradbroke Island or the Gold Coast theme parks.

It is hot and being in a basin, Brisbane seems to store up that heat making it often a good 3 or 4C hotter than the Gold Coast!

If you get too hot, head down to South Bank Parklands and cool down in the manmade beach and pool area.

The kids will love you for that one. There is even a surf club where you can sit on the balcony enjoying a cold refreshment and surf club food.

December is a popular time for overseas visitors to Australia from Europe, USA and Canada, because it co-incides with winter holidays that merge with Christmas and New Year holidays.

Escaping a northern winter, or planning an early summer holiday here are some of the questions you'll want answered about visiting Brisbane in December... weather, what you can expect, what to wear or pack, what's on and what you can do.

Or, choose another month to visit Brisbane ...

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Weather in Brisbane in December

Season Summer
Average Temperatures 20C to 29C (68F to 84F)
Possible Extreme Temperatures 14C to 40C (57F to 104F)
Average Sea Temperature 23C (73F) (Gold Coast Sea Water Temperature#)
Average Humidity 63% at 9am & 57% at 3pm
Daylight Hours
Beginning of Month to End of Month Approx.Times

Sunrise 4:45am - 5:00am
Sunset 6:30pm - 6:45pm

Daylight Saving & Time Zone Information

Qld is GMT +10 hours
(Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST)
Queensland DOES NOT observe daylight saving.

Please Note: NSW is on Australian Daylight Saving Time (ADST) at this time of the year and will be one hour ahead of Qld.

Typical Weather
One of the wettest months of the year in Brisbane with an average of 10 rainy days per month and on average rainfall of 158mm. High humidity and prospect of summer storms. Air-conditioning is something you will want to consider for transport and accommodation options - it is truly stifling at times.

# - Gold Coast sea temperature is quoted because the data for Brisbane was hard to find. Moreton Bay can have significantly different temperatures than the general ocean temperatures and realistically you don't come to Brisbane for the beach, but you do go to Gold and Sunshine Coasts for that. This is just an indication.

Public and School Holidays in December

School Holidays
These dates are a rough guide to holidays in both NSW and Qld which have most influence on holidaying in Brisbane and Queensland.

2017 - 9 December 2017 to 29 January 2018

Public Holidays

2017 Christmas Day - Monday 25 December 2017
2017 Boxing Day - Tuesday 26 December 2017

What's On In Brisbane In December?

  • Christmas Carols & Celebrations (Various locations and dates)
  • New Years Eve Celebrations (31 December)
  • Kidszone School Holiday Activities at South Bank Parklands

Event information for Brisbane

Tips for Visitors to Brisbane in December

For Australian Visitors

Hot, Hot, Hot! That is what Brisbane is like in December. Make sure you book accommodation with air-conditioning and if you hire a car make sure you get one with air-conditioning. If you can drive a manual car, they tend to have better performance with air-con than automatics ;-).

For Overseas Visitors To Brisbane

I often get asked by visitors from overseas:
Which is the better time to visit Australia, June or December?

And the answer really depends on where you are going in Australia and what you want to see. If you don't like, or cannot cope with, really hot humid weather the avoid December (and January) in Brisbane (CBD) because it is incredibly hot here! However, the opportunity to visit Australia and experience and Aussie Christmas is priceless, so please don't let this put you off a trip to Australia in general at this time of the year.

If you do find yourself visiting Brisbane in Decemb airconditioning in cars, accommodation and any other transport you,  take is highly recommended. It is significantly different in temperature in Brisbane to the coastal areas.

You can also consider staying in locations such as Moreton Island, North Stradbroke Island, Redcliffe or Clontarf because they are on bay or ocean with those cooling influences. Those places are AWESOME at this time of the year.

Ideas for Things To Do in Brisbane in December

  • Sand toboggan on the white sand dunes at Tangalooma (Moreton Island) and stay for the wild dolphin feeding.
  • Take the ferry over to North Stradbroke Island and discover the most amazing beaches with white sand and turquoise water.
  • Snorkel on the wrecks at Tangalooma (Moreton Island) and stay for the wild dolphin feeding.
  • Take a kayaking trip along the river.
  • Head to the beaches of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.
  • Spend the day at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine coast.
  • Check out the carol concerts and sing christmas carols in the open air.
  • Watch New Years Eve fireworks by the river or from one of great vantage points around the city.


Decided on Brisbane in December?

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